The Planet is 2014 science fiction action thriller film, M Night Shyamlan directs this film. This films stars Daniel Craig, Eliza Bennett, Timothy Olyphant and Kate Beckinsale, with Bonnie Wright, Natalie Portman, Emily Mortimer and Denis Leary also stars. Autumn Sheid stars in her first acting role


In the years of 2068, a New York detective (Daniel Craig) who is the son of deceased colonel and a young alien (Eliza Bennett) who find themself in space when the planet is under attack and they got two villian (Timothy Olyphant and Kate Beckinsale) to find.



  • Daniel Craig as Detective Michael Stephens/A detective from 2068
  • Eliza Bennett as Crystal/A young alien from Jupiter and who in love with Michael
  • Timothy Olyphant as Lord Shaun Blackhall/Who kills Crystal's family and friend 8 years ago and he is look for Michael and Crystal
  • Kate Beckinsale as Victoria Lively/Blackhall's girlfriend and a villain who help Blackhall to find Michael and Crystal
  • Bonnie Wright as Autumn Watson/A 16 years old teenager who help Michael and Crystal
  • Natalie Portman as Angel Watson/Autumn's 29 years old sister who help Michael and Crystal
  • Victoria Justice as Carla Watson/Autumn and Angel's 19 years old sister who was frozen to death by Blackhall's group
  • Denis Leary as Captain Walter Benson
  • Emily Mortimer as Christina Warren/A worker work in the massive ships who turn into one of Blackhall's helper
  • Anthony Mackie as Goldie Bennett/Who has one brown eye and one blue eye, one arm and one leg becuase of explosion 13 years ago that killed Michael's brother, Richard
  • Autumn Shields as Young Crystal/Crystal from 2060, 8 years ago
  • Gael García Bernal as Leo/Crystal's father who got killed by Blackhall, 8 years ago
  • Marion Cotillard as Sky/Crystal's mother who got killed by Blackhall, 8 years ago
  • TBA as Teresa Lively/Victoria's mother who was murdered 33 years ago
  • Alyssa Shafer as Young Victoria Lively