The Disc is 2014 American science fiction thriller, it will directed by Len Wiseman and it will distributed by Universal Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment. This films stars Eliza Bennett, Jeremy Renner, Lily Mo Sheen and Sienna Guillory


A trouble teenager, Alice Warren find her life in danger when she found a disc from her favourite cereal. Found out the disc is CIA's disk and found her name is not real Alice Warren, found out she is her double and found out who is she.



  • Eliza Bennett as Alice Warren/Raven Lively
  • Jeremy Renner as Agent Michael Cotton/A CIA agent help Ego hunt her clone
  • Lily Mo Sheen as Ego 14/Ego's clone who help Alice
  • Sienna Guillory as Ego Lively/A half human and half hybrid to help CIA to hunt Alice and her clone, Ego 14.