The Code is 2014 American science fiction action film directed by Andrew Niccol. This films stars Tom Cruise and Emma Bell


A New York detective finds himself caught when a group of the souls hunt him down when he has one of them and found out they different and their code could be something he wanted to know.



  • Tom Cruise as Daniel Albertson
  • Emma Bell as Camille Angels
  • Scott Speedman as Agent Scott Farris/Olsen
  • Chris Pine as Agent Timothy Cox
  • January Jones as Alice Olsen/One of the soul who look for Camille to bring her safe and Scott's lost sister
  • Emma Roberts as Juliette "Julie" Daniels/An 17 years old girl next door who is the daughter of Judge Daniels
  • Alexandra Daddario as Ashley Harper
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Eve Angels/A 15 years old teenager from Daniel and Camille's vison and then found out she is Daniel and Camille's future daughter
  • Russell Crowe as Judge Russell Daniels/Julie's father
  • Olivia Wilde as Emily Angels/Camile's 28 years old sister who got shot dead by Scott in opening scene
  • Jennifer Lopez as Kate Albertson/Daniel's deceased wife who was shot and left for dead in the river
  • Mackenzie Foy as Teresa Albertson/Daniel and Kate's 10 years old deceased daughter who was killed in the explosion
  • Avery Phillips as Nicole Albertson/Daniel and Kate's 7 years old deceased daughter who was surviving the explosion and died in the hospital when Alice accident shot her and kill her
  • Jake Vaughn as Nathan Albertson/Daniel and Kate's 5 years old deceased son who was killed in the explosion
  • Hugh Jackman as David Angels/Emily and Camille's dad who was murder by Scott, 11 years ago
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones as Carla Angels/Emily and Camille's mum who was murder by Scott, 11 years ago
  • TBA as The Mysterious Woman/Who told Daniel about the warning to not looking for Camille Angels and the people are looking for her her.


  • In the film, the credits listed Chloë Grace Moretz's character as Eve rather than "The Dream Child" and "Eve Angels"


  • Olivia Wilde wore dark black short wig to play Emily Angels.
  • Emma Bell dye her hair, brown to play as Camille Angels.


  • 150 mins
  • Strong language, violence, sexual content and flashing images
  • 12 certificate
  • It will distributed by Columbia Pictures and 20th Century Fox
  • The Pitch: In Time meets Underworld
  • Tagline: The human's race is at danger
  • Notes: Columbia Pictures logo emerges from green energy, Columbia was turn green then zoom out and Columbia was vanishing after it finishes. Zoom back to 20th Century Fox and turn green, after the logo is done, 20th Century Fox was vanishing and the camera zoom forward and segueing into the opening scene.