Nancy Gibson
Nancy Gibson is a 17 years old trouble teenage girl who is a younger sister of Emily Gibson, younger cousin of Sienna Gibson and younger daughter of Russell Gibson and Kerry Gibson.



Young Nancy Gibson


16th April 2008, 12 years old trouble teenager, Nancy Gibson (Sierra McCormick) dream of going theme park after school with her family. But where she go to get the stuff without ask her parents, they left without her. Nancy was have fun when she is home alone but minutes later, she find her mum and dad's old stuff. Nancy took her parent's stuff to go hiking on her own without Emily, her sister or their parents. Nancy's parents, Kerry and Russell found out Nancy has gone and Emily think Nancy was in the back of the car and sleep. Kerry and Russell are horried that Nancy is missing and they went back and found Nancy has gone and their stuff is gone. They call the police about Nancy's disapperance, they know the back door was open and they think Nancy was kidnapped. Nancy go hiking in forest without nobody. Nancy start flying everything then she found out blue ball who was shining at dark time. Nancy try to go back home but they in nowhere after she was run over by hopsital bed after come out from the ambulance and push off a sick girl in the road. Nancy wake up and meet a stranger Frank Flynn who help her to get her off from the hospital bed. Nancy enjoy Frank for walk with them.


Nancy is 17 years old teenager who never know what happening at her at the age of 12. April 1st 2013, Nancy meet Scott Flynn who trying to warn her about bad think if she refused to listen to him. When her family are out, Nancy spot him with the stolen car and Nancy about to go downstairs, when Scott got gunned down and left to die. Nancy rush to Scott and get him in the hospital. But minutes later, Scott died of blood loss from the gunshot.