Camille Angels

Camille Elizabeth Angels is a younger daughter of David Angels and Carla Angels and the younger sister of Emily Angels. Camille is a lover of human detective Daniel Albertson and Eve Angels's mother.



Camille Angels is the younger daughter of hybrid David Angels and human Carla Angels and the younger sister of Emily Angels. When she was 7 years old, her parents was shot and killed by Agent Scott Farris/Olsen Camille went to the secret hospital for Hybrid for 11 years and join her sister, Emily who was in the hospital for 13 years. In The Code, Camille is 18 years old half human and half hybrid teenager. Her sister, Emily has shot dead by shooter (later to found out was Scott kills Emily after Camille's escape) and left her to escape. The next day, Camille wake up and have vision of a human, Detective Daniel Albertson. Then Camille meet Daniel when Camille got shot by the agent. Camille was taken away by the FBI agent after they arrested her. She was escape by Daniel with the help of Ralph Holden and Ashley Harper. They took her to Daniel's house. Camille wake up and saw Daniel who ask her, what she wanted for him. Young Camille Angels