Amy Harper

Bianca D'Ambrosio playing Amy Harper/Angel Rose Brackett in 2048

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Cara Delevingne playing Older Angel in 2063

Angel Rose Brackett (adoptive name: Amy Harper) is the half human/half telekinetic daughter of Jake Brackett and Tamera Olsen, the older sister of Ellie Brackett and Angel is engineered clone of her mother Tamera. She is portrayed by Bianca D'Ambrosio in the first film and Cara Delevingne from second film.

Tamera's father/Angel's grandfather Damien Olsen attempt to clone of his own daughter. After several failed attempts at cloning, Damien make a sperm and used FBI agent Jake Brackett's DNA on Tamera. When Tamera was taken to Skyworld after Jake found her, Doctor Gavin Midnight injects Tamera in the stomach with the injection that ending up Tamera getting pregnant.

It was revealing on the first film, Amy was thought to be a human but when she was 8, she started to have a strange telekinesis. Amy is not Matt and Mia's daughter and she is a telekinetic. Amy is not her real name, her real name was Angel Rose Brackett. Her biological parents is Jake and Tamera.